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Jordanian postal boycott of Israel: 14 SEP 1962 airmail cover from PADDINGTON (UK) to KIBBUTZ MASADA "Jordan Valley, Israel", franked 5d at the period 'Zone A' (Middle East) printed matter airmail rate & tied local machine slogan cancel (oddly advertising 6d postage rate); mis-routed via JORDAN (probably confused by "Jordan" valley address) where backstamped [unclear] SEP 62 AMMAN transit, and forwarded to E. JERUSALEM where error noticed & cover marked "PAS DE COMMUNICATION" using JERUSALEM Post Office K-Type-III instructional marking handstamp & returned to sender; cover resent and upon arrival enclosed with Israeli K-Type-M3 mimeograph informational marking dated 5-11-62, stating "this postal item was erroniously routed via one of the Arab states, returned to country of origin and arrived only now to this service". Extremely rare: this is the ONLY KNOWN example of instructional marking Type-M3 mimeograph; less than 20 covers known stamped with Jordanian Type-III instructional marking handstamp - unique combination of rare Arab & Israeli markings on a cover. Cover unsealed.