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Jordanian post-1967 War "no service" mail to Israel: 15 DEC 67 airmail cover from BRADFORD (UK) to couple in BETHLEHEM "JORDAN", franked 12d using 2x perfined 6d stamps (damage to one on bottom right) & tied by local machine cancel; with locale now held by Israel, as of September Jordan began holding back all mail destined to former Jordanian territories newly held by Israel, in AMMAN - and then released it back to sender en-masse 13 months later (Sept. 68), after applying a "Return to Sender" instructional marking - here both English K-Type-Va & rare Arabic Type-Vb; backstamped 7 OCT 68 DOVER arrival - rarely seen return receipt proving date & this earliest known arrival date of such mail, marked in UK "Undelivered for Reason Stated" + PTO ("please turn over") marking on front. Note sender manuscript noted receipt date of 8-11-68 (a month after cover arrival in UK). Key postal history proving document. Slit open at top.