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Post 6-Day War Soviet Bloc postkrieg: 18-1-1968 registered airmail cover from HERZLIYA to SCHWEDT East Germany, franked 1.20L per period FA-18 rate for double-weight (2x 10g) + registry fee, using 0.40L Balfour (Ba #385) & 0.80L IDF Victory (Ba #378) stamps; the latter was rejected among the Communist Eastern Bloc, among them the GDR, who expressed their anti-Israel political stance by objecting to certain types of stamps including those which celebrated Israel's victory in the 1967 War (and Israeli conquest of the Old City of Jerusalem): here indicated by a refusal of service by applying reference to an alleged violation of the Universal Postal Union's convention for glorification of military aggression on a postage stamp - using a French-language mimeographed label reading "Not Admitted - Article 28 Chapter 1 Letter d) of the UPU Convention for propaganda on postage stamps directed against the maintenance of the peace" (these known used between Jan-Feb 1968); the back is stamped by the East German censor & the cover was returned to the sender. The staple holes visible at the top left corner are from the Israeli TEL AVIV postmaster's subsequent mimeograph explaining the circumstance of the letter's return (now missing and not included with this letter). Cover is slit open at bottom.