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1982 currency change taxed cover: 8-2-1982 local TEL AVIV cover (return addressed RAMAT GAN) franked 10.3L using outdated 'Lira' frankings during the DO-30 postage rate period (1.10 Old Shekel letter rate; the Lira was then worth 10% of the Old Shekel); this initially accepted at the Post Office, which machine-cancelled the frankings, but subsequently taxed the cover 1 Shekel as if sent unfranked (but not taxed twice the deficiency as normally done); here unpaid & cover still sealed (crease on upper left). Appears the sender believed he was paying in Lira the present Old Shekel rate by applying franks worth 10x the Lira face value (so presumably liable to only to a 0.07 insufficiency at worst) but as the franks used were in Lira and now invalid, these were disregarded by the post office.


CR058, HL106, SC28, SC35, SC27, SC39