Netherlands Levyssohn/Lavino marriage 50th jubilee Judaica medal by Wiener 1842
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Netherlands: Henry Levyssohn and Elizabeth Lavino marriage 50th jubilee bronze medal, 1842; by Jewish engraver Jacques Wiener; weight: 29.6g; size: 30mm; thickness: 4mm. Obverse: 6-lined legend, center ["They are rich with many loved and tenderly loving offspring"], with edge legend ["In memory of their golden wedding | Celebrated in Laeken January 1842"]. Reverse: 4-lined legend, center ["Our gratitude to G-d is on this medal"] with couple's names & wedding date around edge. Friedenberg considers Jacques & his brothers to have been "the foremost Jewish medallists of the 19th Century" (JMM-52). Ref: Forrer v6 pg. 489; Polak-28. In EF; some dents along the rim. Remarkably, designed with no Jewish/Hebrew references - even the star devices are 5-pointed.

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