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Unusual overtaxed 1948 incoming US air mail: DEC 6 1948 airmailed picture-postcard of St. Moritz hotel from NEW YORK to TEL AVIV, sent from the hotel with German message dated 3 Dec.; underfranked at 15c for the 25c period rate but taxed 60c(!) by the New York post office - more than twice the actual period rate of 25c for standard airmail (letters/postcards) to Israel, or 6x the deficiency rather than 20c for twice the missing postage (postage dues are calculated as twice the deficiency), and this was applied as 60Pr in Israel, and paid using 10pr Ba #PD3 and rare 50pr Ba #PD5 franks tied by full single strike of 21-12-1948 TEL AVIV-29 postmark. Rare postage dues frank on airmailed postcard + very unusual taxation.