Israeli 9th of Av silver art Judaica medal by Kretchmer
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Israel: "Tisha Be'Av" ('9th of Av') silver art medal, ND (1961); maker-marked Kretchmer; size: 33.25mm; weight: 24.1g. Obverse: Song of Songs quotation, "Behold, He Standeth Behind our Wall", around the edge; 'Yalkut Shimoni' quotation in center; Menorah & sun(?) devices below: "Behind the Western Wall of the Temple, Which Will Never be Destroyed". Reverse: bas-relief of wailing Jews during the 9th of Av fast; legend around ('Kinot'): "On this Night Will my Children Cry and Lament | Tisha Be'Av". Rim marked "935" (silver) & dedicated to "Union of Judaica Collectors, Israel, 5721 [1961]". In BU, with luster and patina.

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