Hungarian Jewish Youth Choir of Debrecen Judaica pin, early 1910s, by Jerouschek
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Hungary: Jewish Youth Choir of Debrecen ("Debreczeni Izraelita Ifjak Dalköre") enamel & bronze membership pin, circa. early 1910's; by Jerouschek of Budapest; size: 22mm x 66.25mm; weight: 5.2g. Depicts harp with choir's name in white circle around it, punctuated by Star of David. Founded in 1910, numbering c. 20 members, originally conducted by composer, Mano Gottlieb, who also helped finance it; performed at the Royal Hotel, town celebrations & Synagogue functions; financially constrained during WWI, it resurged afterwards under Jewish conductor/composer Emil Adam Rothmann earning accolades in performances & competitions, growing to 60 members until the German occupation (March 1944). It sang folk music, psalms, Yiddish songs, pieces by famous composers like Beethoven, Mozart and Bizet, as well as works by various contemporary Hungarian composers (incl. Rothmann).

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