Russian/Ukrainian Balta Jewish community levy 3 Kopek bronze token with Swan device
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Russia/Ukraine: Balta (Odessa region) Jewish community 3 Kopek bronze token, circa. 1880s; size: 18.5mm; weight: 1.85g. Obverse: number "3"; Ukrainian legend "контора коробочнаго сбора балта" ['office boxed collection of Balta']. Reverse: swan image - Jewish tokens from the Odessa region all bear image of swan & identified by phrase 'office box collection', a reference to the community levy imposed by the 'Kahal'. The Russian government required Kahal-im to collect state taxes from their communities but permitted them to raise funds for community needs, these called "packaged collections" ('office box collections'). The levies were legalized in 1844.

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