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Overtaxed incoming airmail: 5 JUL 1949 airmail cover from MIAMI to TEL AVIV, originally underfranked at 16c (on back of cover using 8x 2c Presidential series franks) for the 25c rate (per half ounce) - and returned to sender for additional 9c franking (marked by text "Returned for additional postage" instructional marking on front + same-day 12pm timed machine cancel on back); the sender added the additional payment on the front, which was tied by a 7 JUL 1949 local machine cancel and dispatched; the receiving post office in TEL AVIV 30 apparently misread the indicated figures, and tallied the specified 9c PLUS the 25c mentioned in the instructional marking and jotted "34" on the cover - a shortage of 9c, for which the cover was then taxed (boxed cachet on front next to the "34") - needlessly - 25Pr on 17-7-1949, using the 5pr & 20pr single franks (Ba #PD2/4) of the 1st postage dues series, and this was apparently paid as the tax was not annulled. There is no indication that the locally charged tax was for a fractional rate due to additional weight. Cover cut open at right. Unusual postal handling & taxation.