Austrian Ludwig August von Frankl Judaica recognition medal, Carl Radnitzky 1880
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Austria > Vienna: Ludwig August von Frankl Jewish Community recognition medal, 1880; struck in bronze(?); by Carl Radnitzky; weight: 29.1g; size: 39.75mm. Obverse: left facing Frankl; legend "L:A : Frankl Ritter V:Hochwart". Reverse: coat of arms of "Jewish Religious Community" + date '1880' above; motto in Germanic script below"By Word and Deed"; rim legend "The Friends and Fellow Officers of the Israelite Religious Community in Vienna". Frankl (1810-1894) was Jewish Austrian poet, writer & philanthropist; promoted awareness of Jewish identity; helped establish the Lemel School in Jerusalem, and Schiller monument (1876) for which he received hereditary title "Knight of Hochwart" by Emperor Franz Joseph I. Conferred "freedom of the city" accolade by city of Vienna (1880) and probably for this occasion the city's Jewish community was issued this medal (Forrer-unlisted but holds Radnitzky's works in high exteem). In EF-AU; Forrer vol.5 p. 11-16.

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