Austrian Carl Andorfer uniface Judaica bronze plaque by Hans Schaefer 1906
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Austria: Carl Andorfer uniface commemorative bronze plaque, 1906, by Hans Schaefer; size: 3.15 x 5.65cm; weight: 33.3g. Obverse: left facing Andorfer, name below; "Vienna 1906" beneath + Schaefer's name at base. Andorfer (1852- 1912) was a famous numismatist, owner of "Andorfer & Bachmann", vice-president of the Numismatic Society from 1902 to 1905, and helped create a large collection of medals commemorating musicians (bought by Paul Niggl), which formed basis of book he published (1907), "Musica in Nummis". This medal probably honors Andorfer's services to the Society. In UNC; Forrer v.5 p.350.

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