Austrian Judaica Gustav Mahler cast bronze plaque by Franz Stiasny Czasny 1930s
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Austria: Gustav Mahler cast bronze plaque by Franz Stiasny, ND (circa. 1930's), mounted on wooden display; size (plaque only): 54.5 x 63mm; weight (whole unit) 173.3g. Plaque depicts right-facing relief profile of Mahler with his name on lower right, with "F. Stiasny" in upper left corner. Mahler (1860-1911) was a Jewish-Austrian composer, considered the leading composer and conductor of his generation; the medallist Stiasny (born Franz Czasny, 1872-1941; Forrer listed v.5 p. 684-5 & vol. 8 p 223) was born in Vienna and died in unconfirmed circumstances in Poland - suggesting, in light of his early age, that he may have been Jewish. Ref: Niggl-1238.

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