British Nathan Mayer Rothschild death Judaica medal 1836 Joseph Moore/Hyam Hyams
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Great Britain: Nathan Mayer Rothschild death memorial medal in bronze; by Joseph Moore (not marked); size: 61mm; weight: 101.4g. Obverse: 3-lined Latin legend based on Rothschild's initials, "Nummis Maximus Reperitur." ['the greatest is found in coins']; date of death in Roman numerals below, on 2 lines "OB JUL. XXVIII MDCCCXXXVI" [obiit - he died] July 28 1836. Reverse: right-facing Rothschild with name above, "Pub. by Hyam Hyams" below. Medal designed by Joseph Moore (Forrer vol. IV p. 140), and commissioned by Hyam Hyams, a Jewish London goldsmith, watch and clock maker, and money changer upon Rothschild's death. Nathan Rothschild (1777-1836) is credited as the financial genius of the Rothschild family: he founded the British branch of the family's bank (N. M. Rothschild and Sons) and financed the Duke of Wellington's campaign against Napoleon; GJPM-88 & JMM-66-67.

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