Soviet Russian Emmerich Kalman Judaica medal by Jewish medalist Mark Salman 1983
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Russia/Soviet Union: Emmerich Kálmán centennary commemorative bronze medal, 1983, by Jewish medallist Mark G. Salman (b. 1938); size: 60mm; weight: 107.2g. Obverse: front-facing Kalman with dates of birth & death. Reverse: conductor's stick, flying carpets & sheet music over grand set of stairs & arches; "Imre Kalman" in Russian & "Kalman Emmerich" in English. Kalman (1882-1953) was a Jewish-Hungarian composer of operettas, together with Franz Lehár (Catholic) helped bring Viennese operetta to its "silver age" in early 1920's. Both favorites of Hitler's, but Kalman declined Hitler's offer to be "honorary Aryan" & fled. Mintage: 850 pcs.

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