Austrian art deco style Heinrich Kautsch semi-Judaic medal by Arnold Hartig 1929
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Austria: Professor Heinrich Kautsch bronze commemorative medal by Arnold Hartig, c. 1929; size: 52.5mm; weight: 58.4g. Obverse: left-facing Kautsch; German legend "Prof. Heinrich Kautsch Bildhauer u Medailleur" ['Professor Heinrich Kautsch Sculptor and Medallist']. Reverse: "Prague Paris Vienna". Kautsch (1859-1943) is listed in Forrer (v.3 p.126), with many works to his name, including medal of Heinrich Heine; son of Emanuel Kautsch (1841- 1910) German Protestant Bible critic and Semitist, who visited Palestine. Listed cities refer to Heinrich's places of residence. Medal may be from 1929 for Kautsch's 70th anniversary. In UNC.

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