Netherlands San Remo Conference large bronze Zionist medal, 1920 by van der Hoef
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Netherlands: San Remo Conference large cast bronze commemorative medal, 1920; by Christiaan Johannes van der Hoef; size: 94mm; weight: 221.95g. Obverse: allegorical Cananite greeting his modern Zionist counterpart, with Hebrew dates "3830-5680" (70 AD - 1920) in exergue. Reverse: "Zion" in center of Star of David, surrounded by shields of 12 Tribes of Israel & Hebrew legend "If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem" & Hebrew date "4th of Iyar 5680" (22 April 1920). Medallic strike; thin planchet. Conference adopted the 1917 Balfour Declaration, recognizing the validity of establishing a Jewish State in Palestine & gave Britain a mandate over Palestine on condition she would enforce the Declaration and establish a Jewish state there - which did not transpire. Medal commissioned by Dutch Zionist Association; the medallist was one of Holland's leading Art Deco sculptors & designers. Literature indicates that the plate-medals of this size were intended for special presentation; Polak-66 and JTM-EP13.

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