Italian Jewish Communities Act Judaica medal to King/Mussolini by A Minerbi 1930
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Italy: "Jewish Communities Act" blackened bronze medal, 1930 by Jewish medallist Arrigo Minerbi (1881-1961); minted by Stefano Johnson, Milano; size: 72mm; thickness: 4.5mm; weight: 148g. Obverse: Italian legend "Vittorio Emanuelle III Re Benito Mussolini capo del governo le comunita Ebraiche d'Italia a ricordo | della Legge 30 x 1930 ix"; emblems of Royalty and Fascist Party. Reverse: Italian legend "Senza la legge cielo e terra crolle rebbero" ['Without the law, sky and earth would fall']; Jewish 'Menorah' and the Tablets of the Ten Commandments. The law standardized the legal status of the Jewish communities; regulated their activities, and stated that all those considered Jews by Jewish law automatically belonged to the community - making it easier in later years (1938) to institute anti-Semitic laws. A gold version of this medal was presented in May 1931 by a delegation of Jewish leaders to the King, to Mussolini and to other authorities.

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