American Judaic Prisoner of Conscience Refusnik medal commemorating Boris Penson
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US: Prisoner of Conscience ("Refusnik") medal commemorating Boris Penson; 24.5g: obverse depicts Star of David enchained with lock bearing symbol of the Soviet Union and legend in English and Hebrew "Let My People Go"; obverse bears name of Boris Pension on raised "plaque" above legend "USSR Prisoner of Conscience" ('refusnik'). Issued by the American "Union Council for Soviet Jewry" (UCSJ) duried period of Communist anti-Zionism/religion; commemorates Penson, a Latvian 'refusnik' who in June 1970 attempted to hijack a domestic flight, to reach Sweden ("Operation Wedding"/"Dymshits-Kuznetsov hijacking affair"). The group was arrested & Penson sentenced to 10 years in a labor camp though finally released in 1979 and emigrated to Israel where he continues to work and teach in the field of art.

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