Israeli Tisha BeAv/9th of Av silver art medal by Kretchmer, 1961
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Israel: "Tisha Be'Av" ('9th of Av') silver art medal, ND (1961); maker-marked Kretchmer; size: 33.25mm; weight: 23.75g. Obverse bears Hebrew quotation from Song of Songs, "Behold, He Standeth Behind our Wall", around the edge, and an quotation from Yalkut Shimoni in center, with Menorah and sun(?) devices below: "Behind the Western Wall of the Temple, Which Will Never be Destroyed". On reverse a bas-relief of wailing Jews in mourning during the 9th of Av fast, with legend in Hebrew around (quotation from dirges/lamentations recited on the occasion): "On this Night Will my Children Cry and Lament | Tisha Be'Av". The rim is marked "935" (silver) and stamped with the dedication "Union of Judaica Collectors, Israel, 5721 [1961]". In BU, with luster and patina; obverse has light hairlines from die-crack.

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