German anti-Semitic Judaica Cuckold large medal with Feather Jew motif; Wermuth
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Germany: "Cuckold Medal" ("Hahnrei medaille") of the "Feather Jew" motif (ND), circa. 1700; struck in pewter, by Christian Wermuth; 39.5mm, 8.2g. Obverse: a two-antlered Jew riding a large cock, with 4 smaller roosters in the background + single-lined German legend around rim reads "WER KEINER IST DER KAN NOCH EINER WERDEN" ("'Where no one can become someone"). Reverse depicts ornately decorated open chest with pair of antlers; double-lined German legend around edge reads: "DIE LADE FVHRT DIE GROSTE ZVNFFT AVF ERDEN" and below in smaller letters "VM MANCHEN IST ES EWIG SCHADE" ('The clouds drove the guild off the ground, To some it is eternal pity'; German legend on box reads"DAS ER KOMT/ IN DIE/ HAHNREY-/ LADE". Not documented in most works, it most closely resembles the anti-Semitic/satiric "feather Jew" medals which played on the alleged sexual-financial prowess of Jews during times of famine. In VF on a thin planchet; with a few rim dents (the one at top may be signs of removal of a tallion); similar to Feill-3431.

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