German anti-Semitic Judaica Hanging Corn Jew variant medal by C. Wermuth, 1694-5
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Germany: Kornjudenmedaille "Corn Jew" medal, 1694-1695 - rare variant in lead; by Christian Wermuth; 37.5mm, 25.75g. Obverse: peasant's house with stork nest on top, left of Jew hanging in tree with Devil on rope & long corn stalks in field on right + legend "Du Korn Iude." ("You Corn Jew") above & "Wolfeile Zeit" ("Cheap Times") | "1695." below. Reverse: walking Jew facing right with Devil sitting on his grain sack + legend "Du Korn Iude." ("You Corn Jew") above & "Theure Zeit.1694." ("Expensive Times") below on one line. Unlisted in Kirschner & Brettauer; listed (as silver issue) in JM-111 & P.u.R. 79. Weakly struck, possibly a re-strike or forgery.

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