German anti-Semitic Albrecht III Fromme silver medal; expelled Jews of Bavaria
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Germany > Bavaria: double-struck silver homage medal commemorating Albrecht (Albert) III der Fromme, Duke of Bavaria-Munich, by Franz Andreas Schega (1711-1787), circa. 1766-70; not maker marked; size: 39.5mm; weight: 28.85g. On obverse right-facing portrait of Albert with legend "ALBERTUS III • BOIOR • DUX •". On reverse 9-line legend in Latin, highlighting Albrecht's (1438-1460) accomplishments, among them the expulsion of the Jews from Upper Bavaria (in 1445): "NAT•1396• | DETRECTATO | BOHEMIAE SOLIO | IUDAEIS & PRAEDONIBUS | DUCATU PULSIS | TRANQUILLITATIS | PUBLICAE | CUSTOS | + •1460•" - ["Born 1396 | Declined the Seat of Bohemia | Drove Out the Jews & Pirates [a reference to the "Robber Barons"?] | Gave the Duchy of Bavaria-Ingolstadt [to Henry XVI of Bavaria-Landshut] | Tranquil Public Guardian | [Died] 1460". Reverse is double-struck. In BU: some surficial tarnish marks but with superb luster and shine - a stunning piece; ref: Forrer, vol. 5, p. 377.

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