5x Continental European Jewish business/merchant tokens, early 20th Century
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Lot 5x European/Jewish merchant & business tokens, c. early 20th Cent.: 1) Germany: Rudolph Hertzog (manufacturer) of Berlin decagonal brass token; 2) Italy Michelangelo Jesurum & Co. (lace-maker) encased 1 Centisimo token, 1904; 3) Germany: Firma Valentin Manheimer (confectionary) 75th anniversary copper token, 1914, by Ludwig Ostermann (Forrer listed v4 p.335) & Otto Oertel (Forrer listed v4 p303-304 & v8 p101-102); 4) Austria: Jacob Rothberger (clothing deparment store) brass token; 5) Austria: J. Senft (bakery) uniface iron token - one of his buildings was designed by Ernst Schwadron, whose clientele mostly Jewish & who fled the Nazis.

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