17x German & Austrian Jewish business/merchant tokens, early 20th Century
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Lot 17x German & Austrian (1pc) Jewish merchant/business tokens, c. early 20th Cent.: 2x Hermann Tietz of Berlin - 1pf Wertmarke in silvered zinc? + brass 5pf [wertmark]; Ludwig Lowe of Berlin 1 pf token for drink or tea, silvered zinc(?); F. Rosenfeld of Hernals Hauptstraße 49 Vienna 'Geschäfts-Marke' business token in heavy tin; G. V. Lassalle lyre/'Freedom * Equality * Brotherhood' with arm device, tin; Mayer Kauffmann of Tannhausen Silesia (textiles) 50pf porcelain token, 1921; 2x Henry Seligmann of Hannover (coin dealer) 25pf & 50pf porcelain tokens, 1921; 2x H. Heymann of Sachsenhausen brass 15pf token with beer-mug + 12pf silvered zinc token; 2x Goldschmidt & Loewenick of Frankfurt (home & travel shoes factory) 5pf & 10pf octagonal zinc tokens; 2x Abraham Dreyfus of Mulhausen of Alsace (a mill; a relative of Alfred Dreyfus) 5pf & 10pf octagonal zinc 'kleingeldersatzmarke'; 2x Abraham Wertheim of Berlin (father of key founder; department store) 1pf & 2pf silvered zinc(?) 'wertmarke' tokens; [Abraham] Adolf Jandorf of Berlin (department store) 1pf octagonal zinc token.

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