8x British Jewish business/merchant tokens, some denominated; 19-20th Centuries
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Great Britain: lot 8x Jewish merchant/business tokens, c. late 18th-19th Cent. 1) New Houses of Parliament/Queen Victoria bronze token by Hyam Hyams of London (goldsmith, watch/clock maker, money changer), designed by Allen & Moore, 1847; 2) Louis Silberberg (tobacconist) 'Habana Cigar Company, 104 Cheapside'/ left-facing portrait tin token, 1866 (bent planchet); 3) Lewis Levy - Borough Market of 19 Percival Street 1 Shilling copper token by R. Neal; 4) Louis Silberberg 'Sole Agent for Schreckensteins Bremen Cigars' at 19 St. Martins/ Wholesale | Retail bronze token; 5) Morgan & Biermann (fruit importers) of Hope St., Cardiff 2 Shilling brass token (ND) by Carter of Birmingham; 6) Warwickshire Isaac Perrins Penny: right-facing Perrins/ 'Bella! Horrida Bella! |Strength and Magnaminity', 1789 (was Jewish boxer, lost bareknuckled match against Tom Johnson, England champion, after 62 rounds); 7) B. Hyam 'Manufacturing Clothiers' & image of 3 garments/ 63 Lord St. Liverpool halfpenny copper token (ND); 8) Elias Moses & Son of London calendar/ Duke of Wellington tin medal, 1856.

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