Israeli Maimonides/Rambam Freemason Lodge #54 member's Judaica badge 1950's-60's
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Israeli "Maimonides" ("Rambam") Lodge #54 member's badge, circa. 1950's-60's; not maker-marked (Haffner: JTM-MA-30); 25g. Clasp reads "Member"; tallion depicts lodge's emblem. This lodge belongs to a crypto-Masonic body called the "Order of the Sons of Zion - L.B. [Loyal Brothers]" (in Hebrew, "Mizdar Bnei Tzion - Achim Ne'emanim"), founded 1928 as Tel Aviv branch of Jerusalem based movement founded 1922, as counterbalast to Haredi-Jewish "Achva", Jewish "Bnei Brit" & Tel Aviv "Achim Ne'emanim" ("Loyal Brothers") order which mimicked the Masonic tradition which this Lodge opposed.

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