American Fred Kahan numbered Merit Award of Bnai Zion Zionist fraternity medal
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US: "Fred Kahan Award of Merit" of Bnai Zion organization, numbered (15) silver plated bronze medal, ND (1980); by Metal Arts Co., obverse by Linda Harper Neiman & Hal Reed, reverse by Mel Wacks; size: 63.5mm; weight: 138.85g. Obverse: Kahan with legend "Fred Kahan Award of Merit". Reverse: trisected circle with images of the organization's activities; emblem & name in English + Hebrew in center. Bnai Zion was founded in 1908 as the first explicitly Zionist fraternal order. Commissioned to honor Kahan (1910-1987) on 1980 retirement as Western Director of Bnai Zion, after long public service. 100 medals struck: 30 for Bnai Zion, and the rest (numbered) offered by Magnes Museum to contributors.

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