Eretz Israeli 1st Maccabbi Games 2pc medallion set Bezalel style artwork, 1932
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Palestine/Yishuv: 2-piece uniface medallion set of 1st Maccabbi Games, 1932; white metal: 1) maker-marked 'J'(?); size (tallion only) 24.5 x 27.5mm; weight: 4.95g: Bezalel-style design of 2 figures - modern athlete with Maccabi flag receiving Menorah from ancient Bar Kockba revolt-era (132 CE) Jew; 'Maccabiah' emblem on altar; Hebrew dates "3892 - 5692" (132 - 1932); 2) size: 24.75 x 28mm; weight: 5g: replica of Bar Kochba era (132-132 AD) silver tetradrachm ('Sela') coin (entrance of the second Temple + the Ark); rosette device replaced here by Star of David. 390 Palestinian athletes participated; as in Hebrew only, this set may have been awarded to them. A highly valued item, hard to obtain as a set of 2x medallions: standard participant pins for the 1st Maccabiah alone sell for $1-2000.

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