Eretz Israeli 3rd Aliya era pin of Zionist heros Trumpeldor, Brenner & Gordon
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Palestine/Yishuv: 3rd Aliya era commemorative pin of 3 key Zionist heros, Trumpeldor, Brenner & Gordon, c. 1922; iron body; not maker-marked; size: 24mm; weight: 1.9g. 3-piece construction with photo-montage. All 3 figures passed away between 1920-1922 & were legends in their time, their legacies indicated by the devices below their images: a shield (military - Joseph Trumpeldor), a book (literature - Yosef Haim Brenner), and a pick (labor/agriculture - Aharon David Gordon); they all inspired new immigrants of the "3rd Aliya" (characterized by ideology, frugality and manual labor in Palestine). A unique momento from the bedrock of ideological Zionism.

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