WWI era Palestine Tel Aviv council 1 Bishlik token signed SPECIMEN/PROOF 1915
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DISCOVERY PIECE: Palestine Tel Aviv Council 1 Bishlik token, 'Gimel' series, ND (1915), specimen/proof printed on cardboard, without serial number & signed by Abraham Etkind; in EF (lt. paperclip imprint & sm. surface scratch). Regular issues were printed on coarser currency paper, bore 2 signatures + the oval Council cachet & a stamped serial number. Included with this note is a notarized statement (1977; with photo) by Etkind testifying that he signed these tokens in 1915 (he was 21); he says the notes were printed by Zeev Assur's (illegal) press in Tel Aviv. Hebrew legend: "Committee of Tel Aviv. The committee's treasury requests to hand over food stuffs and other provisions to the amount of 1 Beshlik to the bearer of this paper token. The treasury will pay its countervalue with checks of APAK [Anglo-Palestine Bank]. The committee of Tel Aviv." Originally issued 16/08/1914, to be redeemed with "Registered Cheques" issued 11 days later; however the Turks didn't grant a license to issue the tokens: the Procurer in Jaffa permitted them, but the Jaffa military commander didn't and the tokens were withdrawn by published order, 13/01/1915. In the 1970s Mr. Etkind found ununumbered, unissued & unstamped 1 Bishlik tokens signed by him in a drawer, a new issue that was in preparation when the withdrawal was ordered - of which this note is an example; ref: Franz Frankl, "First Necessity Currency...", The Shekel, Jan-Feb 1978, p.20-21.

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