Israeli JNF Zionist Tel Hai Day poster of Joseph Trumpeldor, 1961 by Z. Berter
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Zionist poster commemorating "Tel Hai Day" on the Jewish calendar date of 11th of Adar, in English, French, Spanish and Hebrew. Issued by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in Jerusalem and designed by Z. Berter, 1961. Size: 23.5cm x 33.5cm. The poster is in overall good condition, with a few small surface creases in places and 3 tiny worm holes. "Tel Hai Day" is an annual unofficial holiday commemorating the day Joseph Trumpeldor (pictured on the poster) fell (1 March 1920) defending the settlement of Tel Hai from Arab marauders. Trumpeldor earned fame in his time as the first and highest ranking Jewish officer (Captain) in the Czarist Army; distinguished himself in the Russo-Japanese War; helped found the Zion Mule Corps in 1915; and immigrated to Eretz-Israel/Palestine to further the Zionist enterprise.

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