Eretz Israeli Tel Aviv municipality 1st aid service female volunteer's hat badge
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Palestine/Yishuv - Tel Aviv municipal first-aid service female volunteer's hat badge, circa. 1930s-40s; not maker-marked; size: 22.5 x 28.5mm; weight: 3.15g: red Star of David emiting rays (akin to the municipality's emblem), with Hebrew abbreviation "M.T.A." ('Municipality of Tel Aviv') & legend around "To Help the Wounded & Sick" & "[Female] Volunteer" in center. While 'Magen David Adom' ('Red Star of David', equivalent to Red Cross) is today Israel's official first-aid service, prior to it becoming that in 1950, it was a purely voluntary organization; until the institution of official national services (1948), cities like Tel Aviv organized their own municipal police and medical services.

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