Eretz Israel Arab-revolt era Kofer ha'Yishuv Jewelry donation female donor ring
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Palestine: Arab-revolt era "Kofer ha'Yishuv" female donor ring, 1938-1939; 2.1cm; 2.2g. Between 1938-48 the Jewish community in Palestine instituted self-defence fund-raising program (Kofer Ha'Yishuv - 'Community Levy'), a non-voluntary levy self-imposed on the Jews - on imports, entertainment, drinks, & even as imposed contributions during key Jewish holidays (evaders faced "honor courts"). Residents were encouraged to donate items of precious metals (an initiative called "Matat Takhshitim" - giving of jewelry), in exchange for which they would receive a 'token' - a ring, a pin, a document.

Product Tags: Mandatory Palestinian Jewelry/Broach/Accessory/Silverware, Political, Economic, Security and Israeliana from Palestine Mandate and from 1936-39 Arab Revolt, 20th Century, 1930s, 1929-1939 5th Aliya,