WWI Military mailed/marked Judaica postcard of Pozsony/Bratislava Neolog Synagogue
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Jewish Synagogues: Hungary > Pozsony (Bratislava, Slovakia) - NEOLOG (Reform) SYNAGOGUE in foreground of city overview in colorized photographic postcard by DM (1915 edition), with Hungarian caption on front. Used as (undated) stampless military mail ("feldpost") written in German & sent to HILDESHEIM Germany, tied by bilingual Hungarian/German boxed field post cachet; pre-printed with 10 fils price for railway postcard sale & stamped at base 5 filler soldiers (katonáknak) price. The Synagogue was built in 1893, survived the Holocaust and demolished sometime later.

Product Tags: Hungarian, German, Slovakian, Postcards, Synagogue Postcards and Judaica from Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, and from World War I, 20th Century, 1910s which are Philately - Stampless Mail, Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Philately - Military Post Offices or Military Administration,