Chabad-Lubavitch Kuntres HaHitpaalut & MeInyanei Bechira, Admor Dovber Schneuri
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Chabad-Lubavitch: double edition volume of Kuntres HaHitpa'alut [in Hebrew] / "Tract on Ecstasy" & Kuntres Katan MeInyanei Bechira [in Hebrew] / Tract on Free Will & Determination - both by Admor Dovber Schneuri (aka Dov Baer Schneerson, son of Rabbi Schneor Zalman [of Liadi]), after his death (1773-1827); 80 pages + title page in between (front title page is missing) & cover, page 2 (preface) partially torn & pieces missing, pages 2 & 3 loosened from the rest, and all pages loosened from the binding, repaired cover split horizontally at center - but otherwise all contents intact & readible: per misplaced Hebrew page numbering (but orderly Latin paging) this edition appears to be selected works republished together, per 2nd title page, in 1875 in Warsaw by Rabbinic press Natanel David Zisberg & censored 19 Nov. 1875 in Kiev. Per 2nd title page reason for republication was that no copies (of the Kuntres Katan) were left in the city of Shklow/Szklow; opens with a preface by the transcriber, including useful key of acronyms used in the actual piece, here called "Shaar HaBechira". Except preface page 2, all pages' body-text in Rashi script.

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