Tunisian Judaica Pocket Siddur Sefer Minha veArvit 1926, Maklouf Nadjar, Sousse
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Pocket Siddur "Sefer Minha veArvit" 1926-27; published by Maklouf Nadjar of Sousse (Tunisia); 78 x 99mm, 192 pages all intact except 1st page mostly missing, w/original leather cover, surface wear in places; includes blessings on food, Mizmor shel Purim/Sukkot/Shmini Atzeret, birkat megillah, Amida Shalosh Regalim, Hallel & 10-year holiday calendar. Makhlūf Najjār (1888-1963) was author, playwrite, poet, journalist, businessman; bought his printing house 1917 from author/journalist Zemach HaLevi; published weekly "L'Etoile" newspaper (only Jewish one after Tunisian Independence 1956) & "Kinat Hitler" 1942, lamentation in Judeo-Arabic on fate of Jews of Europe. Est. value $2-300.

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