British Holocaust era Orthodox Jewish Young Jewry evacuee's periodical #21, 1943
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The Orthodox Jewish experience in Holocaust-era Britain: wartime WWII semi-illustrated "Young Jewry" periodical magazine (religious education for Jewish children evacuated from urban centers in UK during WWII), issue #21 (Lag BaOmer / May 1943); published by the Joint Emergency Committee for Jewish Religious Education in Great Britain, London & printed by Steler & Young, London; 18 pgs, complete. Articles by Nathan Morris, Dr. Aron Cohen, Rabbi Dr. S. M. Lehrman, Rabbi Dr. W. Gottlieb & more, including Lag BaOmer, The Sephirah, Shimon Bar Yochai, Rabbi Akiva, In the Empire/South Africa, Lag Ba'Omer in Eretz Israel + games & puzzles; a mixture of religious learning (various depths) + light Zionism.

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