British post-Holocaust Jewish Orthodox Youth - Agudat Israel periodical #2, 1946
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The Orthodox Jewish experience in Holocaust-era Britain: postwar "Orthodox Youth" illustrated/photographic periodical of the Histadruth Zeire Agudas Israel (Union of Agudat Israel [Hassidic] Youth), #2 for Adar II [1946 - undated] depicting Rabbi Meir Schapiro on cover; no printing house attribution; 16 pages, complete, vertically folded. Includes "The Deeper Significance of Purim" (by Rabbi Yerucham Halevi - reprinted), biography of Rabbi Schapiro, "Justice" (by Yitzchak Halevi), various short articles on events locally & abroad including references to Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum (Satmar) "only now when we had seen the disaster which had befallen our people could we feel certain that the rest of G-d's promise, the Messianic liberation, was at hand" & a local visit by Rabbi Aaron Kotler; "Ikbata deMeshicha / עקבתא דמשיחא" in Hebrew-lettered Yiddish by Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman z"tzl (a student of the Chofetz Chaim, who saw signs of the Redemption in the period prior to the Holocaust).

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