Transjordan Frontier Force TJFF soldier uniform accessories/knife/mess kit items
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Transjordan Frontier Force (TJFF) member's personal effects: collection of uniform accessories, acoutrements, knife and mess-kit items belonging to Captain B. S. Hall, TJFF. Articles include: a) personalized combat knife with sheath & "TJFF" etched into the leather; reminiscent of British commando knife, here with modified bayonet, hardened leather & white metal sheath, customised by attachment to khaki bayonet frog by hand stitching (dagger size: 290 x 73 mm; weight: 125g); b) mint condition, heavy HM Silver TJFF presentation sugar spoon in box, hallmarked Birmingham 1938 (this very rare); c) collar badge & ranks set: 1931 issue mirrored collar badge set of Captain’s set of 6 bronze service dress rank pips (2x3 large [regular] & small [mess]) + Captain’s set of 6x brass and enamel (red & green) tropical dress rank pips (2x3 large [regular] & small [mess]; d) 2x Officers buttons (large & small); e) brass ‘T’ mess insignia (1pc) - "Territorial"(?); e) small blue headcloth (Arab keffiyeh/desert neck scarf) with scout badge on; the presence of the Lindisfarne Scout badge may be explained as one of the public-school idiosyncrasies of the officer class -?; f) private purchase braces for ceremonial dress TJFF ceremonial pantaloons; g) 2x stocking braces; h) bakelite container. Capt. Hall was awarded, for wartime service, the 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, France & Germany Star, British War Service Medal 1939–45 (with Dispatches Oak Leaves); the General Service Medal (1918) for small conflicts 1918-1962 (for TJFF service in Middle East) & Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (after 12 years’ service in Territorial Force) - these not included in this lot. For illustrative purposes an image of another TJFF officer of Captain's rank dressed in tropical Regiment Dress is included in this description - hard to find such portraits in detail but it reveals much of the regalia worn. Note: as this lot includes a knife the lot will be shipped from the UK to the winning bidder (that person is responsible to ensure that he/she can receive this item in the mail).

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