WWII Eretz Israeli Hebrew Charles de Gaulle publicity booklet by D Shochat 1941
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Palestine/Yishuv: early Charles de Gaulle publicity coverage - in Hebrew, 1941: a 61-page paperback booklet, number 4 of the then wartime series of booklets on personalities and leaders called "People and Events", entitled "General Charles de-Gaulle", written by Dr. David Shochat and published by Din press in Tel Aviv with the assistance of the "Association for Free France in Eretz Israel", whose chairman, Mordechai (Mark) L. Gorodisky wrote the preface. The book covers De-Gaulle's childhood, military background and experience, the fall of France and his positions regarding the need to create a new army and liberate Europe. A fascinating Jewish-Israeli perspective on De Gaulle and his image as a fighter for liberty early in World War II. Worn cover with some edge crumbles, but otherwise intact. Gorodisky served as the chairman of the Association of the Friends of Belgium in Eretz Israel and also as the president of the Committee for France in Eretz Israel, until 1947.

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