Israeli Army/IDF Officers Training School medal 1967-68
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IDF Officers Training School medal (ND), circa. 1967-68; struck in bronze; weight: 93.9g; size: 59mm. Obverse bears emblem of the IDF officer's training course (which was also the emblem of the pre-State Hagana militia), with the school's motto (which rhymes) in the frame around it, "Of Me You Will See and Likewise You Will Do | The School for Officers"; on reverse the emblem of the city of Petach Tikva and below it the symbol of the Soldier's Welfare Association (Petach Tikva branch). The Israeli Army officer's training school is also known as "Training Base 1" ("Bahad 1"), and was based in Petach Tikva from the 1950's until May 1968, when it moved to its present location in the Negev desert.

Although this medal may be earlier than estimated it is probably from the immediate post-Six Day War period (1967) when many commemorative medals for Israel's 20th Anniversary (1968) and military commemoration medals for the 1967 war and 1968 20th anniversaries were issued; Haffner posits that this medal was issued upon the completion of the officer's training course though it probably has more to do with a general commemoration of some kind, including the closure of the base in Petach Tikva: the military wouldn't issue an "official" award with a municipal emblem or the Solder's Welfare Association logo for such an important personal feat like completing the course. Graduates of the course are issued a small collar pin designed in the style of the emblem on the medal's obverse. In UNC with lacquered surfaces; JTM-MM-22.

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