German WWI illustrated color propaganda Heimat postcard by Brynolf Wennerberg
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German WWI illustrated artwork propaganda postcard depicting young woman in casual blue dress waving two white hankerchiefs, titled "In der Heimat, in der Heimat..." (In the homeland - 'Heimat' has very patriotic connotations in German), by B.W. (Brynolf Wennerberg); published by Albert Langen (Munich) and printed by Hesse & Becker (Leipzig); imprinted on back as "Kriegspostkarten" (wartime postcard); unused, surface dirt on front + light spill marks on top and base. Swedish-born Wennerberg illustrated images in many different magazines, including "Simplicissimus", co-founded by Langen & the Jew Thomas Theodor Heine (Langen may also have been Jewish).

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