German Graf Zeppelin photo postcard with written details about its 1st flight 15-10-1928
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Germany: Graf Zeppelin photographic promotional picture postcard of airship in the sky with title "LZ 127 'Graf Zeppelin' in Fahrt." ("in flight"); photographed & published by 'Awuco'/A. Weber & Co., Stuttgart, serial numbered 60447; used but in near-mint condition: copious notes on the back written by Jakob Sohn, Jewish professor of mathematics & physics at Nürnberg, dated 15-10-1928 who also notes "Rosh Hodesh [bet] Cheshvan 5689" & time 23:50, and apparent mathematics/physics calculations ("10000km from Nuremberg"). As per the date this would have been during the LZ 127's maiden 1st transatlantic flight (which began 11 Oct., from Friedrichshafen & ending Lakehurst NJ on the 15th, as per postcard's date). From some legible words on this and another postcard of Sohn's (next lot), it appears he was jotting down information based on radio broadcasts ("Radio Vienna"); Sohn was not on the flight's passenger list.

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