JNF/Jewish National Fund/KKL 1944 Lilienblum MNH stamp DARKER BROWN/SMALLER TEXT
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JNF/Jewish National Fund (KKL) stamps & labels: Israel Head Office/Jerusalem pre-State issue, UNDOCUMENTED MNH stamp of 1944 "Moses Lilienblum" issue overprinted 10m E.I. in violet, in brown - but with heavier color than the standard issue & smaller, less serifed text on Lilienblum's name (based on Kap 782a/Roch 916a).

Product Tags: Mandatory Palestinian Philately - Stamps, JNF & Judaic and Stamps from Palestine Mandate and from World War II, 20th Century, 1940s which are Philately - uncatalogued/undocumented varieties