8/1939 Jewish refugee mail from Egyptian Legation BUDAPEST to TEL AVIV, with cachet
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Wartime incoming Jewish refugee-related mail: 19 AUG 1939 registered cover on stationary of the Royal Egyptian Legation in BUDAPEST to Leopold Bauer TEL AVIV, franked on back per period rate & tied by 3 strikes of local postmark + legation's cachet; b/s 24 AU 1939 REG Tel Aviv arrival (1 week before outbreak WWII). Manuscript on back details financial sums in different currencies: appears to be part of correspondences by Bauer to receive Palestinian citizenship as his full details + documents pertaining to receipt of citizenship appear on the national archives database. Born 1889 in NAGYMARTON Hungary; married; residing in BOROCHOV neighborhood; applied for Palestinian citizenship Nov 1940 & paid relevant duties; citizenship granted on 5 Dec 1940.

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