7/1944 Holocaust era Belgian AJB Judenrat mail BRUSSELS to Zionist Office GENEVA
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Unusual Holocaust-era Jewish foreign mail: 24 VII 1944 registered cover from sender ("H. L. Rokach") at "AJB" ('Association des Juifs en Belgique' / Association of Jews in Belgium) in German-occupied BRUSSELS to Zionist "Office Palestinien de Suisse" GENEVA, franked 4F & tied by 2 strikes of local postmark; opened & sealed by German military censor - per cachet's index letter "D", in MUNICH, which handled mail destined to Switzerland; backstamped 17 VIII 44 GENEVE arrival; opened gently at right. Highly unusual foreign correspondence: the AJB was a 'Judenrat'-like organization, established 2 Dec. 1941 by the Germans, to adminster the Belgian Jewish population & all Jews were required to join; the AJB adminstered registers of members which in turn were used by the Germans to deport Jews. The AJB was closely supervised by the SiPo-SD (Sicherheitspolizei und Sicherheitsdienst / "Security Police and Intelligence Service"), was also responsible for the administration of the transit camp at Mechelen & even played a major role in persuading Jews to turn up voluntarily for deportation. In the period of cover's mailing, July 1944, the German military administration (Militärverwaltung) was replaced with a civilian administration (Zivilverwaltung), greatly increasing the power of the more radical Nazi Party and SS organisations until the Allied liberation in September 1944 (Brussels liberated 7 Sept.). The AJB was dissolved already in August.

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