3/1899 Russian registered mail from CHITA to JERUSALEM Rabbi, with rare postal markings
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Incoming mail: 18(?) MAR 1899 registered commercial cover on "Pomus Brothers Trade House" stationary from CHITA to Rabbi Zalman-Chaim Rivlin (director of Talmud Torah HaGadol 'Etz Haim') in JERUSALEM, franked 20 Kop. on last day of UPU-2 overseas rate,with manuscript "zakaznoe" ('registered') & dotted 'R' cachet (for overseas registered mail) + bearing 1899 temporary registry-label (before UPU labels introduced); backstamped 18 APR 1899 ODESSA & 21 APR 1899 CONSTANTINOPLE transits, where dispatched 27 APR 1899; backstamped 4 MAY 1899 arrival using rare blue JAFFA postmark #614, predates Bale's earliest year (1900) of use. Scarce origin mail & well documented; est. value $850+

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