10/1899 Ottoman Holyland mail from SAFED to WILDSTEIN with rare blue postmark
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Outbound mail: 18 OCT 1899 commercial cover from SAFED (with sender's cachet - 'Elias Klinger Saffed') to music business in WILDSTEIN Bohemia, Austra (on that business's stationary), franked 40 Para (on back) using pair 20 Para (Ba120) per 2nd UPU period 1Pia rate for mail abroad tied by rare blue Safed postmark Ba 780b / Steich-PM4; backstamped 5-11-1899 unclear arrival/transit postmark; est. value $500+

Product Tags: Holylandish, Austrian, Bohemian, Philately - Postal Covers, Ottoman Holyland & Forerunners and Postal History from Holyland, Austria, Bohemia, and from 1882-1903 1st Aliya, 19th Century which are Philately - significant cachets & postal markings