Holyland 3 postal authority handled 12/1899 postcard ROSTOCK - HAIFA, with rare negative seal
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Incoming mail: postcard handled by 3 postal authorities: 27/12/1899 Swiss picture-postcard of Schaffhausen from ROSTOCK(?) Germany to HAIFA, franked 10pf; handled in Palestine by the Austrian Post where backstamped "CAIFA OESTERR. POST" transit; redirected to JERUSALEM and cancelled by the rare Turkish 'HAIFA POSTA SHUBESI 1287' (PM3) negative seal in blue prior to dispatch. Light strikes, fine, seal rated $2500 by Collins (12 items known).

Product Tags: Swiss, German, Holylandish, Postcards, Ottoman Holyland & Forerunners and Postal History from Switzerland, Germany, Holyland, and from 1882-1903 1st Aliya, 19th Century which are Philately - significant cachets & postal markings, Philately - Multiple Postal Authority/Period mail,